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Bos Commercial Management, Inc. was conceived by Commercial Real Estate Brokers Frank Rizzi & Tom Chou. It was developed to purchase distressed Real Estate Assets at bargain prices, with the intention  of redeveloping these assets to productive, cash flowing entities, with  better than normal returns.  

Bos Commercial Management, Inc. was developed as a response to the need of our clients to diversify cash and stock to real estate assets, without the concern of management, minimize risk, and take advantage of larger properties they normally could not afford. BCM creates syndications of known investors, to pool their monies to buy these assets.  It then manages, redevelops, and lease the buildings.  Since our inception in 2005 we have purchased 79 different assets,  all  produce great cash flows, with better than Market returns.


Why partner with BCM:


1. With our key contacts of asset managers

2. Strong  financial position           

3. Expertise in property valuation

4. Expertise in  management, and leasing

Recent Projects:

Current Project: TECHSOUTH:   727 Jenkins  Ave. Columbus OH.  43207.